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grant me:
comprehensives towards my brothers,
negative judgments and malignancy.
Let me
see the good in others
the negative that is in me.

teach me:
to have
words of love, forgiveness, understanding,
and not
words of slander and condemnation.

Lord, help me:
to use
my voice to announce your praise,
bring comfort to those who suffer,
and not
for denigrating or lying.

take me:
in your mercy,
because I'm just
an useless servant
who isn't able to love you.

Lord, in
your Love I alive,
and in your
Love I hope to die.



Be very careful for not make a woman cry, because God counts her tears. The woman came out of the man's rib, not from his feet to be trampled, neither from the head for not being superior, but from the side for being even, a bit lower than the arm to be protected and the side of the heart to be loved.

 From the Talmud (which means teaching, study, discussion from the hebrew root), the sacred text of Judaism, second only to the Bible. If Scripture is the sun, the Talmud is the moon that reflects its light.


You will always be criticized, they will say bad things about you and

it will be very difficult to meet someone to whom you will like the way you are.

Then live, do what your heart tells you. Life is like a theater work, but doesn't have initial tests:

sing, dance, laugh and live intensely every day of your life, before the theater work ends without applause.




An old man arrives at a medical clinic for treatment in a hand in which he had a wound.

With much insistence, asks to be expected with urgency, as it is said to have an important commitment.

The doctor on duty, curious, asks what he was so urgent to do.

The cute old man says that every morning he goes to visit his wife, who has been hospitalizes to a nursing home,

being affected by Alzheimer's disease in an advanced stage.

The doctor, concerned with the delays in waiting for the surgery the various people present, he replied:

"so now his wife will be very worried with the delay?".

The old man replied:

"no, because she does not already know who I am. Already are almost 5 years that she does not know me anymore".

Then the doctor replies:

"but why such a hurry and so need to be with her every morning, if she does not know you anymore?".

The old man, giving a small smile and a pat on the shoulder of the doctor, replied:

"she no longer knows who I am, but I know very well who she is".

The doctor has a difficult to keep tears, thinking...

"true LOVE is not limited to physical, and even the romantic , the real LOVE is acceptance of all that the other is,

of all that was a day, of what will be tomorrow, and all that is no longer".

The real LOVE can't be explain, but it can only be lived.



The Briefcase

A man died, and in the moment of death, he saw God that was approaching to him, with briefcase in his hands.

God said to him: "well, son, it's time to go".

The man, surprised, asked: "already now?, so fast? I had many plans".

God replied: "I'm sorry, but it's the moment of your departure".

Then, the man asked to God: "what do you have in the case?".

God replied: "your stuff".

The man replied: "my things?, my stuff?, my money?".

God replied: "these things were never yours, they were of the Earth".

The man then replied: "then are my memories?".

God replied: "they were never yours, they were of the time".

The man then asked: "are them my virtues?".

God replied: "they did not belong to you, but at the circumstances".

The man then replied: "so are they my friends, my family?".

God replied: "I'm sorry, but they never belonged to you, they were just part of your journey".

The man then asked: "and my wife and my children?".

God said: "they never belonged to you, they were just part of your heart".

The man replied: "and my body?".

God replied: "it never was yours, because you were dust".

The man then asked: "and my soul?".

God replied: "not, that's mine".

The man, then, filled of fear, took the case out of the hands of God and,

at the time of opening it, he found that it was empty.

With tears of sadness and discouragement, the man said: "Did I ever had anything?".

God replied: "you have got each of the moments that you have lived. Life is just a moment, a moment only yours. For this reason, as long as you are in time, live it in totality, because anything that you think belongs to you, you really hold it. Live the present. Live your life. And do not forget to be happy, because it's the only thing that deserve to live. Material things and everything else for which you fought, remain here. You can't take away anything from this life.

Enhance the ones who enhance you, and not lose time with those who have no time for you".




Nothing is more beautiful, wonderful,

eternally new and surprising,

load of sweet and perpetual

of the good.

Nothing is more sterile,

gloomy, monotonous, tedious,

of the evil.

But the good requires

persistence and humility.

It requires courage.




The fortress is

the courage to try

what is good

for himself and for others,

and to realize it in spite of everything.

It is the courage to resist

to what they all do,

to fashions, to surveys,

to the majority.

The fortress is

the ability to fight,

even alone,

for the good of all,

even those

they leave us alone.


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